Tuesday 27 October 2009

Can't Say No to Derek Gerard

Harley has just been asked to be the Godfather of Derek Gerard – the firstborn of our good friends Ria (my bridesmaid) and Dan (his groomsman).

Derek’s got the perfect mix of features from his good-looking parents... his father’s trademark nose and his mother’s pouting lips. He is so adorable. Certainly one of the cutest babies in the world! I can’t wait to meet this little guy in December.

So cute, isn’t he?

Of course Harley’s only answer is a resounding Yes. He is over the moon really, absolutely delighted and honoured  to be Derek’s Godfather.

But I can't help but find what’s written on the card as uhm, amusing. Read on why.

You are successful,  
Of course! Successful in getting a gorgeous catch like me :D

Hmm expectations are already set high...

I absolutely agree!

and amazingly patient man
Why? Please do justify what made you reach that conclusion? Is it because since he has survived three years with me and even decided to marry me then he has to be amazingly patient?! Aba...

And as one of Dan’s few trusted friends 
we’d like to request you to be Derek’s Godfather, 
to guide and influence him with your virtues 
so he will grow up to be an admirable man like you.
Dan & Ria. 

Huh, so that’s it? No because you’re handsome? Not even a because you're tad good looking?

Shame. Because Harley will be MORE generous if that kind of buttering up was also thrown in...


Ria May said...

yeah you're right about it! he is amazingly patient for having to put up with you for 3 years noh? =P iwan mo ba naman passport mo when you went to Hongkong and hindi ka iniwan... magaling magaling! =D

aneshka said...

pang negate sa isa ka kuripot na ninang.. so mao na generous si harley hehe

aneshka said...
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lgeorgia said...

@ria may
ay oo diay noh. hehehe kalimut ko ato dah.

si claire ay pang negate daw. ri, giunhan na ka na kuripot sya :p

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