Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Brown Carpet

I dream of having a home lovely home. A haven where after putting in a hard day at work I can jump straight into a comfy couch, hug a plushy pillow and wait for hubby to serve me hot dinner with dessert. Though we have decided that most tasks in our married life should be “unisex-ed”, there are just some things he simply cannot do, like decorate our place...

I complained a few times about the dark brown Persian carpet that he bought.
I said, di ko yan favourite colour, hello! (That is not my favourite colour!)
He reasoned, eh bagay sa flat natin, dami brown, dapat terno diba? (It matches our flat. There's lots of brown.)
I scowled and said, yeah the doors are brown!
He raised his arms and announced that he gave up. Everything about furnishing the house would be my call.

I am very mayabang (proud) of taking on that challenge because I have no interior design experience to speak of, but looking at the brown curtains that of course my handsome hubby also bought, I simply have to do it.

Moving around quiet a lot in the past, I would just buy stuffs that were cheap and functional, easy to discard. But now it’s different. Hubby and I decided to stay in Kuwait for at least 5 years. Our home furnishings should be comfortable and sturdy. And not only that – should all look good together in our humble abode. Because certainly going home everyday to a gorgeous home (at least in our standards) will be a huge bonus.

I found a way not to hate the brown carpet by relegating it to the far corner of the room and pairing it up with a lovely pink carpet!

Gorgeous home furnishings shouldn’t mean spending a lot of money.
We bought this comfy sofa at IKEA AS-IS section, discounted at 50%! It’s so comfortable hubby was able to sleep on it for 2 hours.

This oh so soft couch we bought at 47% discount at Safat Home.

With sipag at tiyaga (hard work and patience) in looking for bargains and flexing whatever puny muscles I have of home decorating , I am determined to put together our idea of a perfect home – a stylishly warm and loving environment to nurture our marriage.

P.S. Next on my list is the quest for the perfect coffee table. Do you agree that a white coffee table with glossy top will look good with our current furnishings?


aneshka said...

naa diay ka lain blog not 1 but 2! hehehe

Adto mi ron Ikea kay naa additional 10% ang as-is section nila. What if naa diay ko maganahan hehehe

lgeorgia said...

oo ngita ko lain source of income... yawat na lang. :-|

wahhh ngano naa 10%???? bitaw adto. sige lang jud mi pamasin didto.

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