Tuesday 15 September 2009

A Wedding Dress Tip: Not Your Mom’s Girdles

I am not overweight but like most girls I am not blessed with taut midriff. I have soft tissues on it. Front and sides. Love handles.

Since I am daring to be ambitious with my choice of wedding dress, (yeah it’s kinda body hugging) I am considering of cheating...

Oh no, not liposuction. No way! But yep, as the title of this post suggests... GIRDLES!

Oh okay maybe when you think of girdles you cringe as you can’t help visualizing those hideous "diapers" your mother used to own. So let’s just refer to it as shapewear, shall we?

Shapewears available nowadays are not only fashionable but really do their jobs. They are made with lightweight materials cleverly designed not only to make us look sexy but also to feel sexy and comfortable wearing one.

Click on this very informative article at Oprah.com regarding how to choose the right panty solution per type of dress.
For my wedding dress I think the best shapewear for it is the second one below:

Where to buy one of those?

Well there's La Perla if you want the high end, expensive one.

With its hefty price tag of $272, it better be effective!

Or you might want to try SPANX. They have a cool range of shapewears. The one below that I like is 75% less than La Perla’s.

Or Fleexes Shapewear by Maidenform is more affordable, price is just £32 or $52

Wacoal sadly doesn’t have that many choices of shapewears. I like the one below but no idea how much it is!

I am sure in the Philippines there are options from Triumph and Avon.

But the question in my mind is (and I'm sure most of you are thinking of this too), how would I pee with one of those?!?

If you're interested of getting a SPANX, a fellow Cebuana W@Wie got hers from another W@Wie. Visit her online shop: http://shoppingabroad.multiply.com/


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