Saturday 12 September 2009

Debenhams SALE: Excuse for early Christmas shopping

Debenhams is having a 4 day sale. Again. This started on Wednesday, so it is on its last day today. I went there this afternoon, just out of curiosity. I did not have high expectations about it since the posters just say up to 25% off all departments. But to my glee I did find some racks with items on sale up to 70%! It would be stupid of me to pass up the opportunity and start shopping Christmas presents for my gorgeous girlfriends, wouldn’t it? So definitely you can’t blame me for buying a basketful of really good bargains. Yeah I know. Credit crunch is not yet over. But the world economy is already on its way to recovery, right?

After having combed Debenhams to my heart’s content, I made a beeline to Dorothy Perkins just in case they also have a sale. Lo and behold I couldn’t be more right. (I think I have a sixth sense on these things or something like that). Although there are only a few racks of sale items, I was still able to pick up really lovely pieces discounted to as much as 70% too.

So today I have officially started my Christmas shopping. It’s already a “-ber” month after all.

Below are some photos of the haul I got. I hope the recipients of these will love them.  But I do hope more that I can resist from keeping them all to myself and part from them without bawling over. LOL.

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khimphotz said...

wow sissy.....i started doing my cgristmas shopping as early as last month..hahaha..para di sabay sabay and i have a lot of time to find good items for those on my list

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