Sunday 6 September 2009

VMV Sale and Mandelic Acid

To all VMV Hypoallergenics users, VMV is offering 15% discount until tomorrow, 7 September 2009. Since they’re offering the discount online, I conclude that all their stores nationwide are offering it as well.

I am great fan of VMV because their Clindamycin toner is very effective for my acne. Oh yes I do suffer from adult acne regularly... whenever my irregular period nears. Or should I say “was effective” because it has been discontinued - a discovery that I just chanced upon when I browsed their website few weeks ago when I realized I was seriously running out of my Clindamycin stock. It has been replaced with Mandelic Acid Primer 2 toner and according to Wikipedia:

Its use as a skincare modality was pioneered by Dr James E. Fulton, who developed vitamin A acid (tretinoin, Retin A) in 1969. On the basis of this research, dermatologists now suggest mandelic acid as an appropriate treatment for a wide variety of skin concerns, from acne to wrinkles; it is especially good in the treatment of adult acne as it addresses both of these concerns. Mandelic acid is also recommended is a pre- and post-laser treatment, reducing the amount and length of irritation caused by laser resurfacing.

What a joy! Treatment for both acne and wrinkles? Hmmm this might be better than Clindamycin after all. I will take advantage of this 15% discount and try it myself. Also, my period is fast approaching. Sigh.

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