Saturday 19 September 2009

Wedding AVP Songs (3rd List)

Here's another list of music that you might want to use for your wedding AVP.

  • Yellow (Yellow)

  • Hopelessly Addicted (The Corrs)

I know this is very outdated but this is the most favourite song of my favourite band ever... the Corrs. I just have to include it here because I hopelessly miss them :(

  • Giving Myself Over To You (Jennifer Hudson)

Now this is a gem, definitely a keeper from the famous American Idol alum, Jennifer Hudson.

Thanks to my good friend Noel for this. I don't know how he does it but he can always find the right songs for you. Those that are sentimental and touch you to the core.

This song of Jennifer's is on the top of my list. Most likely I will use this for our Wedding AVP. It conveys my feelings towards Harley perfectly.

Click this link for a non-live version in YouTube.

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