Wednesday 9 September 2009

A Payroll System for the Philippines

Four years ago, my cousin who owned a distributorship business at that time asked me if I could create a program that could aid him in his payroll and inventory system. He wanted something he could run on his laptop at anytime and from anywhere he needs it. It may be an easy system to make but as an IT engineer who worked for a demanding company, I never got to start the project he requested. Instead I referred him to a small-time software company who could make the system for him at a reasonable cost but even then he still find it expensive as he didn't have that much capital yet to spare for automation of the system.

This was the first thing that came to my mind when I came across SerBIZyo! technically it's called Sotware-As-A-Service but to put it simply, it's a software program that anyone can access and use anytime, anywhere at no initial cost. In short, a free philippines payroll software.  You just need a computer and an internet access, you don't even have to use your own server computer!  because your data (e.g. employee list, stock list) are stored securely in SerBIZyo's server, Meaning having your very own system that is accessible through the internet, all you need are your username and password and voila! you can finally do your payroll calculations while lounging in Boracay!

Finally the best thing with SerBIZyo! is that you don't need to allot a big slash on your company's operational budget to automate your system because with SerBIZyo, you only pay when you access your system, pretty much like a pay-per-view movie.  And if you try it now, you'll get it for free software in 3-4 months!

Now SerBIZyo! is certainly heaven sent for businessmen like my cousin who can finally enjoy the luxury of having an automated payroll and an upcoming inventory system without causing an arm and a leg!

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