Friday 31 October 2008

Can't Wait.

Harley has given me the go signal to book my dream PVR (photog, video and reception) wedding suppliers. I was shocked when he told me that, didn't believe that he was serious - suspecting that he was just pocketing me (that means, baka binubulsa nya lang ako). But he assured me that he's serious. So I reminded him that if he wants that he has to double his current wedding budget because I might just have to wear sako sa harina sa kasal. And he said yes!

After feeling a tremendous amount of elation that geysered to the roofs, guilt followed. Of course I wanted to have those dream suppliers (kaya nga dream!) but I couldn't help but feel guilty knowing he has to shell out a huge amount of money for that. So I offered that he'll just allocate a certain amount and whatever the excess will be, I will personally shoulder it. I reasoned I have enough time and resources to save for it while being assigned here in UK. But he doesn't agree - he wants to pay for it all. He said he wants to prove to himself and to his family that he can afford it. And besides, he said, he really wants me to have my dream wedding... Sigh, am I really this lucky? I really can't wait getting married to this wonderful guy.

So there the budget has been adjusted and I made a promise to him and to myself also (nakakaguilty kaya) that this is the last time we have to do that.

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aneshka said...

wow! jason magbanua .. ibang level talaga.. ni ma reach ang ka bongga!