Tuesday 6 September 2011

Date Night

Tonight is our date night.

Sometime end of last year I demanded to Harley that he must date me at least once a week. I reasoned that he owe it to me since he was able to escape the obligation of taking me to dates for 3 years, before we got married. Of course it does not matter that we were on long distance relationship then...

We chose the middle of the work week - Tuesday (Here in the Arab world we work from Sunday to Thursday). The advantage is it breaks the monotony of the work week. I have something to look forward to before patiently waiting for T.G.I.T (I know it does not sound as cool as T.G.I.F :-| )

Since roughly almost 10 months ago, when we committed to this, I'm proud to say we have managed to be faithful to this weekly date night of ours.

These date nights should not be always fancy. We go to a pricey restaurant only once a month; only when one of us is craving to eat in some fancy place or we want to try out a recommendation by friends. Most of the time we just go to affordable restaurants or KFC (oh yes, I still love KFC...).

Sometimes when budget is tight, we go home, scavenge our fridge to prepare a delectable home-cooked meal.

After dinner we head out for coffee somewhere or a fix of Pinkberry.

Most of the times we cap the night with our feeble attempt of getting into shape... that is, hubby gets the chance to meet the 1000 steps a day goal as he trails behind me while I window shop in a mall. This exercise always guarantees an early night. Hubby is so exhausted after he jumps into bed as soon as we get home and snores in a blink. The highly probable cause is his exhaustion is from too much worrying that I might decide to drop the "window" from the "window shopping" before we call it a night. Nevertheless this assures hubby of a proper 8 hour deep sleep (Yay another advantage!) In fact at the moment, his snores is my "background music" while I am writing this post.

The point is during Tuesday nights it should be just the two us. No asungots (other people). No other distractions. Just us. Either to discuss about deep stuffs like our plans for the future or just whiling away by talking about anything under the desert sun.

Of course we are still childless - that's why it's easier for us to sustain it. But we are hoping that when time comes we will be blessed with kids of our own, we will still remain faithful to this commitment. This date night thing should be treated as an obligation you see. An obligation to our marriage.

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