Friday 24 October 2008

Happy Anniv 2 Us

Oct 24 is our anniversary. It's still the 23rd here and in Kuwait, but what matters is it's already the 24th in Manila. I gave him my sweet yes in Manila so I am following that timezone.

Warning, this blog entry is mushy. And perhaps with the effect of a glass of wine I just had to celebrate this important event - this blog may be mushier than I intend it to be. So Claire, if you're reading this right now... STOP (in the name of love) ! I don't want you having a smirk on your lovely face and maybe puking while reading the rest of this. But hey I know you too well - you'll probably continue reading this just because of the fact I warned you not to do it. Oh well if you'll decide to continue, which I'm 100% sure you'll surely do that... bahala ka, kevs!

As most of you know, it all happened because of the orchestrations by the lovely couple Ria and Dan. They executed intricate detailed design plans for us to get to know each other better. I owe a lot to these guys. They're the very soul of compassion and goodwill --- they simply wanted others to experience the happiness they're experiencing. Sharing their blessing. Aren't they sweet?

2 years ago Harley and I were walking along the streets of Makati. After we had dinner at a now defunct restaurant in Greenbelt, we decided to extend our pacute-an by having some ice cream at a Mini Stop store. Yes I have always been a low maintenance girl - stuffs no matter how simple and cheap always make me smile as long as given from the bottom of his pocket este heart pala =p I can still remember him stealing glances at my way that made me look twice at my reflection on the glass window to check if I had some muta, which I didn't - thank God! Just with 20php investment (the amount he paid with the ice cream) he stole my heart. I didn't even care I was entering a long distance relationship. I threw my apprehensions into the wind.

So how did we survive being in LDR for 2 years now? Simple - keep the communication lines open. Well you're probably raising your brow because how can that be possible when there's no physical contact between us with miles of earth and sea separating us? But it is, I'm telling you, it's possible. How? Well take advantage of technology my dear - the power of the World Wide Web! There's chat, webcam and Skype / YM calls - these tools doesn't even cost you a penny (without counting the monthly internet bill of course). Keeping communication lines open means I share everything to him - what happened to me at work, what I ate, what telly show I watched. Even the time I had to def (hehehe just kidding), even just nonsense things I share to him whatever that comes to mind. I admit it was hard at first because I am a very secretive person - I do like to keep an air of mystery around me (uhhhh mysterious) and I am not articulate, I find it difficult to express my thoughts and my feelings in words... as in, really! But once you get the hang of recounting to someone what happened to you during the day, it gets easier and then it becomes a habit. It's better than writing into a diary because he can talk back and most of the time grrr he interrupts while I'm in the middle of my animated retelling, which is the only downside. Harley is the first person I talk to every morning I wake up and he's the last person I have a conversation with before I close my eyes at night. It seems natural that I even miss not having the routine just like when I went to vacation that deprived me of internet access.

But what about the trust issue, you might ask? Well when I entered into this relationship I decided to trust him with all my heart. He deserves no less. If he turns out to be stupid and tramples all over that trust by two timing me, then goodbye - he's the weakest link! Yes of course that will terribly hurt. But if it ends that way I will not have regrets because in my part I've given everything to make the relationship work.

But I count myself so blessed because it's not so hard to fall deeper in love with Harley even if we only see each other twice a year. It's in the way he loves me - it's amazing. He makes me laugh not because he's got a fantastic sense of humor but because he's sorely lacking of it, ang corny ng jokes nya! But sshhh don't tell him that =p I find his makulit nature cute (note to LDR couples, one of you should be makulit - but not in an annoying kind of way). And he's being so generous not only to me but also to his family is very endearing. I am everyday grateful to Him for giving me him.

I am indeed a blessed girl. Perhaps I must have done something awesomely good in the past to be this fortunate. With Christmas just 2 months away I find myself at a loss as to what to add to my wishlist for once. Oh well aside from good health to my parents, sister, relatives and friends, blessings to everyone and of course the ever permanent wish of World Peace, I can't think of a material thing to wish for! Eeep help!?! Hmm but wait....... I remember that I really want to have that Gucci wallet :p

Happy anniversary to us, how fast time flies indeed :)

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