Thursday 26 June 2008

BB (as in Beri Beautiful) Cream

My very kikay friend Ria swears that Missha Perfect BB (blemish balm) cream, the latest craze in Korea, not only effectively cover blemishes but also heals the skin with its packed nutrients. So I tried it as soon as I received the sample pot from her (from Japan to UK... distance doesn't hinder us to exchange beauty finds as well as chismis!). Well she's absolutely right, I love it! My skin looks naturally flawless and glowing (see below). And the good thing is, it doesn't feel oily - feels light and seems like my skin can still breathe. As for its healing property, it's to soon to attest. Maybe a few months of continuous use that one can only see the improvement.

MAC has its own version of BB cream, the MAC strobe cream. I want to try it also and see if its better because of its brand. Will share my reviews about it a few months from now, that is if I'll remember to do that.

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