Tuesday 3 June 2008

Wanted: Wedding Planner

December 28, 2009 is the date.

Harley and I chose it because it's the most convenient for us. His family and relatives and our global friends can just singit attending the wedding when they go home for the holidays. It's still far - still a year and a half from now but would you believe it that I'm starting to get stressed out? Now that it's been two days since Harley went back to Kuwait, the engagement bliss is fading and fading fast! As I spend more time than usual in the shower imagining how the big day should look like I had to shake my head and wonder, what have I gotten myself into? I now have to look at my rocks to remind myself how happy I felt when I said 'Yes' :

I should not worry much about the preparations because that's the job of a wedding planner but I don't have one in mind yet. So, help?

I've taken the first step by screening some candidates through emails but I still prefer a friend to personally recommend or vouch for someone. I'm inexperienced of this. This is my first time to get married after all. So please if you can recommend a wedding planner, do drop me a message. Or if you or you know someone who hired any of the following planners we're eyeing to get, please send me comments.

Thank God I have two beautiful friends (Ria and Claire) already experienced about this sort of stuffs. I've been bombarding them with tons of emails asking their opinions about this or that. I hope they're not annoyed of my pestering. Well I'm annoyed with myself, worrying prematurely.. darn! It's still 1.5 year from now Georgia, so shut up for now... will ya?


Ria May said...

okay lang yan. ganun talaga pag kasalin, ganun din naman kami noon ni Claire... we love planning anyway... pero gosh.. 1.5 yrs ka magiging ganun, ndi ka kaya maloka niyan! =P

lgeorgia said...

1.5 years? i hope not! dapat makahire na ko og someone nga maloka in my place. hehe

aneshka said...

yung nightmares mo 1.5 years din hehe.

dapat kasi this december na para di torture hehe. i erase mo na yan si romel di ko feel ang vibe nya.

LIMATIK said...

Hey Georgia,

Just in case you haven't found a planner yet try http://www.okasyonetal.com/ and look for Lynn :)

They did magic for us back in 2006.

Good luck on yours! :)