Thursday 19 June 2008

How sweet it is to be loved by you

Harley sent me a message this afternoon that if I would have time to spare I could check his new blog entry. It's his way of asking me to do something ASAP and trying not to appear pushy and excited about it. My immediate reaction was, wow may bagong blog ka, himala! (it's a miracle, you have a new blog!)

Harley is not blogger. He is an occasional writer. He only writes when he's in the mood and that's as frequent as me NOT buying a dress in a month =p The last entries I can remember, and I'm patting myself at the back because I can still remember them, he had written about our Christmas holiday that he had segregated to chapters - parts 1, 2 and 3. He published each part weeks apart that by the time he had the mojo to finish part 3 it was already end of February. Valentines already gone on its merry way but I was still reading about Christmas! That’s why I got curious this afternoon that even though work was crazy toxic, I took the time to copy and paste his new blog entry on a notepad and read it the moment I was sure the coast was clear (meaning my boss was somewhere he couldn’t see my monitor).

I was touched by his entry. Between the two of us he's the sweet one, the romantic one and the more showy of his feelings. He remembers details about our dates that I always get embarrassed when he catches me forgetting some uhm detail like the name of the restaurant we had our first date. Sometimes I get confused who’s the man or woman in our relationship. Only when he takes out his wallet to pay some meal that I get the epiphany that he’s the man =p I wonder why he ever puts up with me. Yeah I probably dropped too much gayuma (love potion) on his drinks that first date. Well I don't have a plan to rectify that. I don't mind being stuck here at the receiving end... *wink*

Here's a link of his entry. Warning, it's very, as in very mushy.

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