Wednesday 11 June 2008

Being a W@Wie

What's that?

Well, that's how members of WeddingsAtWork yahoogroup call themselves.

I got the idea to subscribe to this mailing list from my uber pretty BFF na walang sinabi si Joyce Jimenez, Claire (tinatadtad ko sya ng praises kasi malapit na birthday nya and she offered, yes unbelievable - she offered!, to sponsor our unity coins). It's a group of brides-to-be (B2Bs) and husbands-to-be (H2Bs) discussing their plans, asking feedbacks about their prospect suppliers and sharing their creative ideas for wedding preparations that you can steal (hehehe). Also newlyweds W@Wies are still around to rate the suppliers they booked for their own wedding and to give much appreciated guidance to the anxious B2Bs.

To say that this list is active is an understatement. After I subscribed to this list I got almost 200 emails overnight! And I'm having trouble catching up as I have 600 unread W@W emails in my Inbox. This is a testament that the Weddings industry is truly a thriving business and to think that we Filipinos normally marry only once! How much more if we’ll become more westernized and our government will finally allow divorce? I really enjoy reading the threads of conversations in the list and spying how others have fared with their preparations. It's a welcome diversion at work – a guilty pleasure since I have been checking emails posted in this list frequently. I just hope my bosses won’t bloody find out…. hehehe :p

But I don’t give my 100% trust to the supplier recommendations that I read from this list. I had suspected that since it’s a fertile ground of B2Bs, a milking cow so to speak, there must be suppliers spying, posing as B2Bs and just waiting to spring at the opportunity to advertise their services. And true enough, a few days ago a supplier was caught red-handed. The supplier, a florist, had been posting false rave reviews about his services, posing as not just one but multiple B2Bs using dummy emails. The florist really misled some “real” B2Bs into booking them… scary diba? It was a good thing the list moderator found out about his scam before he fooled more B2Bs. He’s now banned, along with his dummy emails, from the list. But still one can’t brush away the suspicion that there are other suppliers lurking around who are not yet caught. It’s still advisable to get opinions from others than totally rely on W@W.

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