Wednesday 2 July 2008

Hooked on Wimbledon

I have caught the Wimbledon fever. I now officially love Tennis because it's like watching Troy all over again. Remember that fight scene between Eric Bana and Brad Pitt? Well it's like that. It's two men fighting against each other and it's soooo hard to decide which one to cheer on because both of them are gorgeous!

The first Wimbledon match I watched was on Monday, live on BBC 1. It's a match between gangly-but-cute Scot, Andy Murray (Britain's number 1), and ooh-la-la French Richard Gasquet (World #7 in 2007).
Richard Gasquet

Andy Murray

Cute Andy on that match was able to come back from two sets down and won the 4-hour epic match. Because of the win he was slated to a match against Spain's Rafael Nadal today.

Of course I watched the Nadal vs. Murray match. Before turning on the telly I was set on rooting for Murray because he's the underdog, but I immediately changed my mind when I saw Papa Rafa play. His backhand, forehand or whatever you call those hands were simply powerful... blazing hot! My hats off to cute Andy for not running away from the speeding balls. Papa Rafa literally crushed cute Andy, closed the match in just 3 sets. And the Spaniard is not bad looking either. Ooohhh the biceps, sigh...

Rafael Nadal

If I had known Tennis would be this pleasing to the eyes, I would have gotten hooked on this eye-candy sport a long time ago!

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