Friday 3 November 2006

buh bye Sis!

Claire's despida at SeaSide
I've known Claire for ten years now. Way back in Grade 9, this always sleepy girl defended me against a bitchy classmate whom I had thought was a dear friend. We were inseparable since then and I started calling her bestfriend (naks!). After highschool, we both enrolled for B.S. Physics (USC-TC) to the shock of our parents. They couldn't comprehend what jobs would be waiting for us after graduation. We managed to convince them of the brilliance of the Physics curriculum, without telling them that the main reason why we chose Physics was because of it's hassle-free enrollment (konti lang kasi nag-e-enroll, hahaha). We just didn't want to endure the long lines of Accountancy, which was our parents' preference for us :P Two years after college she was also accepted in NEC and hence we became officially colleagues. Then, I transferred here in Manila but after a few months we were "together again" because she persuaded NEC to transfer her to the Manila branch so she could be with her husband, who was also working here that time.

Claire and I had many other adventures together. To name a few, we earned our first salary as pretty cashiers of Greenwich during the summer before third year college. The next summer after that, we had a stint as service crews of Jollibee where a lesbian courted her while sa akin naman bading yung pumorma : We also started calling each other "Sis" as a pun after we joined a Singles For Christ prayer meeting (sorry nacornihan lang talaga kami nun sa Singles eh, hehe). We also became part of the uber exclusive group of VPALEM, a group of beautiful (ehem ehem) and chismosa este chic NEC software engineers, which paved the way of another series of crazy adventures.

I watched this Joyce Jimenez look alike (naks!) fall in love with Darrix (nobody's look alike, hehe), choosing him among her countless admirers for reasons I still can't grasp (hahaha peace Dar!). I witnessed their love story unfolded and ended in blissful marriage (of course, ako yung maid of honor) . I also witnessed her getting pregnant, giving birth and misplacing her baby because she forgot that she has immersed the baby among the dirty clothes inside the washing machine... okay okay just kidding but I have a strong feeling this will happen in the future, haha!

Sis has been like a fixture in my life for the past ten years. She's the most generous friend I know. She never failed to suppport me and she has always defended me pag may kaaway, kakampi ko sya, hehe automatic yan! The sadness I felt as I said goodbye to her at the airport was of course natural. I may never see her again in the next two years or more :( Honestly, I miss her already. But I am more excited for her because she's on her way to be with Darrix, as they both embark the next major step to realize their dreams. I am very happy for both of them.

As I watched Claire's retreating form at the airport I was amazed at the major changes hurled at me these past few days. My bestfriend has left, to live for good in the US... a major change indeed. As I felt Harley's hand clasping mine, I sighed to realize that his unexpected entry into my life is also another major change... a very wonderful change. Things are working out for the best for all of us... for Claire, Ria and the rest of the VPALs. Thank God for all the blessings :)

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aneshka said...

kahilak man pud ta ug colored ani :P. wah! wa pa ko ning board sa plane gimingaw nako sa mga pipol. akong kaisturya diri kay abat ra. huhuhu :(