Friday 29 September 2006

Si Milenyo (Part 2)

The electricity went out around 1PM yesterday. Good thing though our PCs and internet connection were alive and kicking because of UPS. But still, all of us here weren't in the mood to work - surf2x and chat na lang. Oh well, it's the weather's fault, hahaha. After we finished our delayed free lunch, and since the rain and strong winds already subsided, we agreed to go to Landmark (yes, open pala sya) and have some crepe for dessert in French Baker. After that, we went to SM grocery (yes, open din sya).

Makati seemed like a desolate town as I walked home last night. The aftermath of Milenyo left some trees uprooted, with leaves and branches scattered all over the streets. It was dark since there was no electricity. The stop lights weren't working, even the 7-11 store in our building didn't have a choice but to use candles. The elevators in our condo were also busted. Fortunately we just lived at the 3rd floor and the grocery bags I carried weren't heavy so it wasn't that much effort for me to use the stairs. Only the flickering emergency light bulb connected to the building's generator provided meager illumination in our unit. Bing and I were so bored, so kwentuhan na lang kami. I also received text messages, "bored ako, aliwin mo ako" huh? ano ako? entertainer? Apparently not only Makati was suffering lost of electricity. So, I resorted to texting until I heard the telltale beep - "wahh, low bat na ako! huhuhuhu" and I also received "ako rin, low bat na" replies. And not only I was low in battery, I was also low in load! It seemed like living in the province, that because of nothing else to do, you would just go to bed early. So that's what I did, I went to bed early - around 11pm, 2 hours earlier than my bedtime :P

As of 10AM this morning, before I left for the office, there's still no electricity in our condo bldg. Hopefully tonight it'll come back.. gusto ko kasi manood ng Majika.. last episode na kasi... huhuhuhu :( But as a backup plan, I've charged my cellphone here in the office (mangggamit! hahahaha) and I'm gonna buy some load later...

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