Tuesday 28 November 2006

Red roses for me

Days before Valentines of this year, I passed by IslandRose's outlet near our condo. The store was full of flowers and their staff were busy arranging and packing them into those white boxes. Nainggit ako (inggitera talaga noh?) and naisip ko sino kaya magbibigay sa akin ng flowers like that from IslandRose or basta through online. I never thought it could happen because aside from I had no boyfriend yet that time, di ko naman inakala na magkakaboypren ako from far away land at magiging long-distance love affair ang drama namin, hehehe.
On the morning of 24-Nov. I received a bouquet of 2 dozen red roses from Pangga. I was really surprised because he had never hinted that he had something in store for me that day. May pasorry-sorry pa na wala daw sya gift sa akin kasi nasa malayo daw sya... hahaha acting talaga. And my delight doubled when I found out that he ordered those flowers from IslandRose. Sus, sya pala magbibigay sa akin ng ganun, hehe how sweet... Red na, IslandRose na and from Pangga pa, wow! truly it's the best bouquet I've received so far!

Happy first monthsary :)

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reane said...

aww..how sweet.. :D