Monday 23 October 2006

My new number

I woke up this morning with a slight stiff-neck because Claire and I had slept like sardines (this means, siksikan kami sa isang single-sized bed na parang sardinas). While still groggy, I grabbed my phone and decided to change my keypad passcode. I was very confident in inputting the numbers because it's just a 4-digit combination based from my birth date anyway. Why didn't I find it odd that I was prompted to input the code 3 times, I don't know. I just went ahead and entered the same combination again and again. I was suprised when an error message showed up that I locked my sim and I needed to input the PUK to unlock it... Great! Apparently, it had asked for my sim passcode not the keypad -- not following instructions talaga! I couldn't remember the PUK code so I had no choice but to buy a new sim. Huhuhuhuhu naging attached pa naman ako sa number ko na yun :( Lessons learned? Well, first, never ever lose your sim's PUK especially if you're using prepaid. Second, never ever change passwords when you're sleepy. Just drink a cup of coffee or update your blog kahit na with walang-kwentang post, which is exactly what I'm doing right now. By the way, my new number is 09274991108. Text nyo ako ha... :

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