Thursday, 16 October 2008

Happy sha-la-la!

... it's so nice to be Happy...

I knew it! I always had anticipated that 2008 would be a good year for me and it is living up to my hype. It's turning out to be a very very good year and it's not even over yet! Last week I received the good news from my manager that they're extending my contract until March 2009. Yisss! I still have a chance to save up for a trip to Paris. It's really a dream of mine to shout 'I'm the queen of the world' from the top of the Eiffel Tower (Frenchies pronounce it as eee-fell by the way, not eye-fell). And I just came back from a 4 day vacation from the land of snow-covered Alps and heavenly chocolates… Switzerland! I'll be posting the pictures soon - it's so hard to choose which to post among the 700 shots I managed to take. So only for this year I have visited a total of 3 countries I had never been to - Scotland, Wales and Switzerland. And this December we're planning to frolic in Hongkong, which will increase the grand total to 4. Hmmm not bad for someone who grew up in a little island of Cebu, someone who had never dared to dream she would one day wear leggings and knee-high boots to strut her stuff in Europe… Fierce!

And 2008 is not only good to me but also to my handsome fiancé as well. He's blessed this year - not only that I gave him my sweet yes, he's also given a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve his career. I truly am his lucky charm :p Last week he resigned from a company where he had been employed for 5 years to take on a bigger role in a bigger company. On his last day his colleagues gave him not only a send off party but also a couple of send off gifts - a Diesel watch, a Mont Blanc wallet and a brand new SE phone! I have never heard a company that generous with their resignees. Sa ka-pula sa akong lubot (translation: my ass is gorgeous), I have never experienced being treated that way! Well maybe the Kuwaitis are simply generous or maybe they're just overjoyed that he resigned? Whatever their reason maybe Harley was like a kid on Christmas morning - he was very happy. And because he's that happy I successfully wheedled a dinner treat from him, which in turn made me happy. It was a happy cycle. It is a happy year indeed.

Harley's gifts - a w960i SE phone
a Diesel watch and a Mont Blanc wallet

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