Saturday 20 September 2008

Mayor Thames Festival 2008

The Mayor Thames Festival was a 2 day or 2 night festivities along the River Thames. It's an open and free for all celebration of London's most famous river. The bridges and roads around the city centre were closed off to motorists. Activity booths, concert stages and food stalls were lined up from Westminster bridge to the Tower Bridge for familes and tourists to enjoy. There were also carnivals and exhibitions that people could participate.

I went there with my friend Gaurav and met a shivering Jukey (bakit naman kasi nag shorts lang he he) at the Scoop for dinner at a French restaurant. And like most of the people who attended the festival, we waited for the fireworks that attempted to put a grand end to the festival. The fireworks was a bit disappointing... not only because it started way late than what they published in the brochure but the pyrotechnics were not as jaw-dropping like those I had enjoyed in Japan ages ago. I really want to see a Japan-quality like fireworks extravaganza again, like their famous hanami or just the "usual" fireworks in Tokyo Disneyland/DisneySea. I want to see fireworks that form into Hello Kitty, gazillions of Sakura, Mickey Mouse, Pikachu, whatever basta may form! By the way, 1999 na lang from Manila to Osaka (see and there's Ria in Tokyo for a free board.. hmmm....

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