Friday 14 December 2007

Presents thru post

The last time I received an international snail mail was in highschool I think. Nung uso pa yung having penpal friends from abroad. Since the internet blossomed in our country the frequency of receiving snail mails (even from within Philippines) dwindled to nil. Who would bother going to the post office when you can just do it in one click? And who would waste his patience with the inefficiency of postal service in our country, with the absurd disclaimer that your mail might not reach its destination, when an eCard is guaranteed to reach your receiver in seconds? And plus the dawn of the texting era - when you can just text your greetings to your friends... pwede pa send-to-all! I used to keep this shoebox where I kept my treasured letters and cards from friends. That shoebox has been left untouched for years now. For sure cobwebs are growing on it.

I was surprise when I received my kris-kringle gift last week from my gorgeous mommy. I was doubly surprised yesterday when I received a postcard from Japan (thanks Mai!). And that surprise quadrupled this morning when our messenger handed me a package from U.S of A (thanks Claire!). Goodness me, I had actually forgotten the feeling of pure happiness receiving presents thru good ol' post. It's like, wow! for a change, I'll get stamped cards/packages this Christmas. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of my pretty friends. I'm hopeful there's more coming :p

Xmas Gift from Claire - himala!

So this is how efficient postal service is in the first-world countries. Claire mailed the package just this Monday and it only took roughly 4 days for me to receive it... amazing, isn't it? Siguro kung for Pinas pa yun, it'll take minimum of 3 weeks pag di na-trippan ng custom officer yung package mo.

Thrilled and also excited to take advantage of this "right" postal service, I went to the nearest post office to send postcards to my beloved friends. It's my first to go there, though it's just right across the street from our office. There were many people queueing because of the Christmas season. And I enjoyed the experience - nakakatuwa mag paste ng stamps! I hope my cards for friends back in the Philippines will get to them before Christmas. Sana nilagyan ko na lang yun ng prefix na "belated" sa greetings to be sure...

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Anonymous said...

O diba! the very reason why I got the idea of having a global kriss kringle ! kasi BIHIRA or NEVER tayo nakakatanggap ng gifts thru snail mail. Lingaw pud na experience jud nang maghulog ug mail sa post office... pero now, I'm deading the roller coaster of emotions with Philippine Postal service.