Saturday 15 December 2007

Creative, DKNY

I don't have the patience of a saint. I just couldn't resist opening my gifts under the imaginary Christmas tree. I'm glad I did, because each present turned out to be on my wishlist. I wished for an MP3 player... I got a Creative Stone 2GB from my very pretty Kris-Kringle Mommy. I wished for a jacket to protect me in this getting colder and colder nights... I got a DKNY sweater from my buntis bestfriend. Wow, DKNY... seems like being pregnant makes her less kurips... wohooo!

Thank you for these wonderful gifts. I truly appreciate the gesture and the actual gifts of course. You should be glad that I have opened them because I can now start to enjoy using them....

1 comment:

aneshka said...

naks! Ninang man unya ka sa akong anak hehehe