Monday 10 December 2007


It does seem like a long time since I blogged. It's because if I'm not busy at work (busy sa pagpapanggap), I'm busy frolicking at Central London and spending pounds (joke!). Today though I have spare time in my hands. I've finished my tasks ahead of schedule and I'm in no mood to impress my team lead by telling him that. Oh why should I? He'll just give me another work to start with, no way! I deserve to enjoy this free time. I'm planning to read that Golden Compass ebook or maybe surf about showbiz because so out of touch with the latest chismis. I'll "impress" my teamled tomorrow na, para naman bumilib sya lalo sa mga Pinoy. Itaas natin ang bandila ng Pilipinas kahit saan man tayo magpunta, okay?

Harley got denied of his Work Permit application... darn! It was unexpected because between the two of us he's the most qualified to be approved. We can't still pinpoint what exactly went wrong. Oh well, some plans just don't work out. It's not just meant to be. But I believe from the bottom of my heart that there's something better for him. Why? Because between the two of us, sya ang mabait. Since I've been given this UK opportunity, for sure he'll be blessed with something more grand. Baka punta sya sa moon! :p

And he's coming over here during the holidays - yey! We've already booked tickets for the Les Miserables and Madame Tussaud's. We're planning to watch the 2008 countdown. And of course, we'll go shopping on Boxing Day - the one day of the year when all shops in London go on sale!

With the holidays getting nearer I feel a bit melancholic. I miss my friends and family. There's really no place like home to spend the holidays - even if it's London (sigh). I miss the VPALs. I miss that time we exchanged gifts at a gazebo at Ayala. That time our budget was only 50php per gift per person because that's the only amount our meager 13th month pay would allow. (Asan na kaya yung mala-anting-anting na necklace na bigay sa akin ni Mau?) But it turned out to be the best "exchanging" gift I ever had experienced simply because the barkada's complete. Thankfully this year (thanks to Ria's innovativeness) we have this improvised global kriss kringle in which every one placed ridiculously-expensive items on their wishlists (matataas na talaga ang standards!). And I received a gift that's on my wishlist (thanks to my Mommy, di ka lang ubod ng pretty, generous pa!). Kelan kaya kami ulit magkakasama? That might not happen soon or that might not happen again because everybody is moving on to the next chapter of their lives and to the next country on their lists. The chance for all of us to gather together is getting slimmer and slimmer. Mga ambisyosa kasi, di ma-contento sa Pilipinas :p

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