Friday 21 December 2007

Last day work (in 2007)

Today is my last day of work for this year... wohoo! I am taking the rest of the year's working days off so that I can enjoy an extended Holidays merriment with my super-mabait na boypren (Sige na, magalit ka naman ng konti, kahit once a month lang...)

Harley will be arriving tomorrow and I have to wake up really early to meet him at the airport by 7am. Oh why did he choose such awfully early flight schedule?!? Grr, I'm itching to strangle him. But I can't do that since he's so sweet to spend his holidays with me, can I? I should be really grateful of him. Because if he didn't decide to come here I'll probably spend my Christmas na mag-e-emote on Tower Bridge singing "I'll be home for Christmas", which can have me deported because the Britons will be disturbed for sure when they hear my golden voice. Gosh, even my parents cringe when they hear me sing...

Oh yes we have many things lined up to do this holiday season - Madame Tussaud's, Les Miserables, Christmas Carols at Royal Albert Hall etc. We even bought London passes ( valid for 3 days so we can visit many tourist attractions that are free with the pass. I'm so excited :) Bloody hell if only the clock can go faster. I hope this day will fastforward, I'm truly raring to go home! Bakasyon mode na talaga ako.

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