Wednesday 18 July 2007

Korean Hairstlyle? Why not?!

Tinopak na naman ako yesterday, I had my hair cut again. I just wanted to try that Korean salon just around the corner, West of Ayala Bldg. in Makati. The salon is Tony and Jackey - you may visit their site All their hair stylists and even their receptionists are Koreans. Iba ang feeling that there were too many Koreans everywhere (there were many Korean customers) and added with the Korean music sa background parang gusto kong mag "Annyeong-haseyo" or end my sentences with "samida", hehehe :p

Ria (she was also with me) and I noticed that Korean guys are very vain. There was a group of them there discussing how they want their hair layered or colored. They were busy scanning the magazines and di pa nakontento, nag-internet pa! (there's a PC there) Ang tagal natapos nung isang guy, dami nya pinagawa sa hair nya, di ko naman gets ano yun, he looked like any other Korean to me. I can't imagine our Pinoys, except the metrosexuals like Mau, being that meticulous with hairstyle. Pinoy pa rin ako... macho. Mas gusto ko yung di masyadong pinapahalata na medyo vain sya, kunwari he doesn't care about the way he looks pero may beauty rituals din pala to keep himself neat. Basta ayoko yung mas vain pa sa akin.

It was Mr. Tony himself who cut my hair. How do I look? Hmmm when Steng saw me last night she was laughing so hard. Yeah, the bangs looks funny - darn, it's too short :p When I also came in the office this morning, our receptionist immediately asked, "Why did you have your hair cut? Ganyan ka na ba ka bored?" Hahahahaha! Yeah I'm really bored and tense waiting for my visa. But no matter what they say, kahit lait-laitin nila ako (OA!), I kinda like it. It's flirty and fun. It's something new, parang Anime look. I want to give myself a pat on the back for having the courage to cut it shorter than I usually would allow.

If you're feeling a bit adventurous with your hair, tired with the same old style, just visit Tony and Jackey. They are opening a branch in Cebu, according to their site it's "in progress". The haircut price for men is 300, while for ladies it's 500. Try it while we're still young and we can still afford to look silly... Why not?!


aneshka said...

good luck sa bangs! hehehe kapoy biya kaau magmaintain ana kay dali ra kau tubo ang buhok.

lgeorgia said...

ako na giside ako bangs kay kung makit-an ko ni stella moagik-ik haha gisamokan na pud ko

Anonymous said...

hey it looks cute on you :D

lgeorgia said...

oi thanks del! pero gabasul jud ko ay.. samok kaayo haha. init man gud kaayo diri and dili ko sanay dili nako ginaflaunt akong pagka-dangas... LOL

reane said...

hahaha ate george punta ka sa RD! i bet magugustuhan nila hair mo. :) miss na kita!