Tuesday 3 July 2007

I Chose the Light

Ray, Harley's barkada, and I planned to meet last Saturday. He had to give me my favorite Lindt dark chocolates - pasalubong from my poging boypren. When I arrived at the meeting place (Razon's Greenbelt), I texted him that I was already there. There was no reply. A couple then approached me. It was Izel, another barkada of Harley, and his girlfriend, Jenny. I asked them where's Ray. They informed me that Ray might not make it because he needed to iron out some problem. Naman! Inindyan ako ng original na kasabot ko (di ko alam Tagalog ng kasabot e hehe), I thought.

So the three of us chatted, talked about their plans. It was our first meeting since Izel, a US navy personnel, was only here for a vacation. I was relieved to find out they're so nice and warm. I was immediately comfortable and able to switch to my naturally madaldal mode. Jenny's fiancee visa has already been approved so she's going to fly soon to marry Izel. Talk about a brighter than Tide future...

After almost an hour, Ray appeared, looking harassed. He apologized and then recounted the reason why he almost didn't come. It turned out he and his gf had a fight that only started about a small something that ballooned when past unresolved issues were also brought out. He lamented that his gf is very selosa and immature, enumerating the incidents to prove that. She even texted him before he went to see us, "bakit mo ako iniwan? mas inu-una mo pa yang friends mo" - twengggg! Ray added, "5% pa lang yan George kasi pag sasabihin ko yung remaining 95% uumagahin tayo." Izel and Jenny were shaking their heads, saying "hiwalayan mo na kasi."

While I listened to Ray, I couldn't help but smile. Not because I was happy of his seemingly hopeless plight nor because I was finally clutching my yummy Lindt dark chocolates. It's because I felt glad of the fact that I'm no longer in the same situation as Ray's. I was also entangled in same unhealthy relationship.

When your friends start giving you unsolicited advice to break up with someone, you should consider it. Because they're the ones who notice, being the unbiased party, that the relationship is doing more damage than good for both of you. H'wag na yang drama na you-and-me-against-the-world. Baka lang mamatay kayo tulad ni Romeo and Juliet. When your relationship is bringing out not the best but the worst of both, you should step back and heave the courage to end it. Because the truth is you'll be doing BOTH of you a favor. It's wrong being always mindful of your actions because you're afraid you might arouse his/her temper or jealous streak. It's as if walking on tiptoe on a thin sheet of ice whenever you're with him/her, which is absurd! Because you should be your true self in every relationship. Your partner should witness your unguarded you and let him/her cherish that.

Looking back, I am so glad I found the courage to heed my friend's advice and choose the light. Because I believe we are both happy now.


aneshka said...

naka kita dyud ka ug "light" nawala nag ang ngit ngit sa imong kinabubi nyehehhe!!!

lgeorgia said...

hahahahaha asa naman tong ako sapatos claire nga ihatag unta ni darrix nako?

aneshka said...

wa na .. ako na gipalit ug make-up :|