Wednesday 25 July 2007

I am blessed

Our management gave us the no-brainer task to segragate resumes of those that applied in our Jobstreet ad. So far with the hundred resumes I finished checking, noone passed. It's a waste of time really but it's good that they've given us something to do.

As I perused the resumes I was surprised to find out there were many of the applicants currently earning less than 10k, some even below 5k. Most of them are Computer Science graduates with up to 4 years experience although usually as technical support/computer technician. Immodesty aside their salary differ by a very wide margin with the salary that I and most of my IT professional friends are enjoying. Shocks, I can't even imagine having a budget of less than 10k a month! Tapos less tax pa yun ha :( Though I felt sorry for them, I had to reject their applications because we need experienced developers who possess the skillset we're looking for.

I remember 7 years ago when the HR of NEC called up to inform me that they're hiring me. I was ecstatic because I was told I'd be earning above 10k - gosh I thought, "10k? Wow this is it.. I'm on my way to being darn rich!" I couldn't stop thanking God for giving me job even if I didn't graduate yet (I received the job offer a month before our graduation). With the training and experience I got from NEC I was able to start building a competitive skillset. I'll be forever grateful of NEC for that. And now 7 years after (although hindi pa rin ako rich because of the darn taxes and darn mall sales tsk!) opportunities keep popping, not only for local employment but also overseas. Headhunters call when you least expect it. The future is truly bright.

What I did today is a humbling experience for me because I have realized how blessed I am that I'm not one of those whose resumes I had to reject. Whenever I feel envious of others who are earning more than I am, I should remind myself that I am also earning pretty much that now I can afford to rent a condo on my own. Whenever I feel the urge to whine because I haven't been assigned to UK or US like some of my colleagues, I should remind myself that hey I'm lucky I've been to the Land of the Rising Sun! Whenever I feel the impulse to bang my head on the cubicle's wall because I'm so bored, I should remind myself that I'm lucky I'm getting paid a hefty sum doing nothing. Yeah, I am truly blessed.

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