Monday 2 April 2007

Saturday is Kopi Roti day

"Saturday is Kopi Roti day" has been Ria's gtalk status and like her, I have been looking forward to Saturdays because of Kopi Roti. For the past 3 weeks we, in groups of 5 or more, would hire a cab and head to MOA (Mall of Asia) just to grab a piece of Kopi bun (masarap sya isawsaw sa kape) or a slice of their Roti French toast that I usually spread generously with kaya jam. Their coffee is also superb - if you're sick and tired of Starbucks like me (hehe mahal kasi) or you just want a different twist in your coffee, you won't be disappointed with Kopi Roti.

It was Claire who introduced this to me. She got curious about Kopi Roti when she read about it in Dessert Comes First (, so she dragged me to MOA to check it out. True enough, it's very delicious - addicting nga eh. Fortunately it's very affordable, a set of Kopi bun + coffee just costs 75php. Try it! You won't regret it, promise! (see the pic below, enjoy na enjoy si Ria sa Kopi Roti, hehehehe)

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lizette said...

mau pa diha, naa pay roti bun.. diri, nalugi na.. :(

kaya toast nalang :)