Tuesday 3 April 2007

Mrs. Wolf

Mrs. Wolf (not her real name, though it sounds like that) is the worst landlady/unit owner I ever dealt with. She owns the Asian Mansion unit that Ria, Sue and I rented. We haven't met her yet in person, not even once. During the contract signing we just met with Anna, her secretary. If we had concerns I would just text Anna or Irene, her other secretary. Maybe she thinks we're not worthy to grace us with her presence :|

Last year when our 1 year lease contract neared its end, I received a text from Anna that Mrs. Wolf expected a 10% increase in rent if we're going to extend the lease contract. We panicked, we're caught unprepared because when we advised her a month before that we're planning to extend the lease, we received no warning or whatsoever of an increase. So I called her up, hoping na madadaan ko sya sa charm...

Me: Ma'am pwede po ba 13k pa rin, walang increase kasi wala naman kayong naging problema sa amin e.

Mrs. Wolf: No, I want that increase.

Me: 10% po talaga? Pwede tawad, kahit 5% lang?

Mrs. Wolf: No, I demand the 10% increase.

Shocks, na-tameme ang beauty ko 'te! Yeah, my charm didn't work (sa mga boys lang yata to effective eh, hahaha :p) So we grudgingly agreed because we had no time to look for another condo then. We just negotiated for a 6 months extension, instead of another year, because 14300 a month was simply too much for our budget.

The 6 months lease extension ended last month, so now I'm chasing her to get back our security deposit. After faxing her the receipt of payment for the last month's Meralco bill this morning, I texted her.

Me: Hi, gud AM po. Na fax ko na po yung meralco bill, kindly check. Paid na po yun. Tnx. When can we get our security deposit?

Mrs. Wolf: Will advisE u tom am. Walls I was told by irene verybdirty needs repaint

Huwat!?! Repaint??? She wants us to pay for that??? After renting that place for 1 & 1/2 year she expects it still look brand new? Okay lang sya? Wa sya kuyapi? So nag text ako ng...

Ma'am I don't think we have to pay 4 d repainting of ur unit coz we didn't deliberately write on d walls or something. If it's dirty, it's bec. luma na sya. It's unfair that u'll charge us d repainting when it's ur responsibility as unit owner 2 maintain it. We didn't even demand repainting/improvement of d unit whn we agreed w/ d 10% increase last year. Hope u understand my point.

Until now she hasn't replied. I bet she's angry - mataray na ako kung mataray, pero heller noh! Umaabuso na sya e. But sigh, she still has our security deposit. Baka pahirapan nya kami dun... Huhuhuhuhu :(

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