Friday 20 April 2007

Thank you PMG and others!

My PMG and others friends surprised me with a treat a while ago. They prepared a simple handaan of baked macaroni and ice cream, and a Starbucks collectible as a present.

Though it's a tradition here in Rendition for us to plan and pool money to give a surprise treat to a birthday celebrant, I was still surprised kanina. I didn't expect it because I wasn't here on my birthday last week, I thought that they would just forgo it. And also they're already 9 days late! But the PMG and others is truly a thoughtful, sweet bunch. Better late than never. They never hesitate to touch other people's lives (naks!) Thank you guys :) I truly appreciate the effort. I love the gift!

Starbucks Bearista. It looks more like a bunny than a bear though. I love it, so cute :)

Another collection on top of my CPU - truly a desk of a Java developer, right?

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