Friday 16 March 2007

NEC University

The biggest dare I made in my career life was when I decided to move out of NEC-Cebu (Nec Telecom Software Philippines). Why did I decide to leave? I figured out that if I didn't leave that time my courage to leave would dwindle and eventually go down the drain. It's like a limbo - the longer you stay, the deeper you get trapped until you won't know how to get out. And besides, Java projects were starting to get scarce. I'd get hysterical if they'd start training me in C++! And I thought it was time for me to explore the world. The mere fact that the first 2 of my boyfriends were also from there, it just shows how little my world was - ang konti ng prospects ko, tsk! Okay boyfriend ko ngayon from NEC din ... pero NEC-Manila naman noh! :p

Whenever I hear news that the others have also made the jump, I get euphoric. Because bravo! finally they found the guts to make the first step away from that comfort zone. But there are still some I hope will take the dare soon. Being in the same company with your boyfriend/girlfriend, Sportsfest and PC games during lunch are for me not good enough reasons to stay there. And if your reason of staying there is because you're waiting for the proposal from your boyfriend of 5+ years, that's sad. Propose to him if you must, ask him point-blank, at least you'll get the answer and you might save yourself from the possibility of waiting for nothing. Think of your career growth. Don't let your potentials go to waste. Dare to make plans, dare to leave and explore the world outside.

Don't get me wrong, I love NSP. I really do. It's during my 4 years stint there that I learned Java. I had the best training there in software development, it's like taking up a second course in college. I had fun there. I literally grew up in that company. Here in Manila, I usually hang out with my NEC buddies - although we weren't close back then in NEC, kami ang nagdadamayan dito. NEC gave me friends that I'm sure I'll treasure for life. NEC will always have a special place in my heart, I will definitely go back for an Alumni homecoming, if ever it'll have one :)


rah said...

bakit may balak ka pa bang magboyfriend ng iba na walang connection sa NEC? :p

Unknown said...

hey georgia, gloridel here... just can't resist to comment on this post of yours.. I share your sentiments with NEC university :D .. nothing beats NSP gyud :D

lgeorgia said...

yep you're right :) sa atong batch of 30+, 3 na lang intawn ang nabilin didto, hehehehe. sige lang the world is getting smaller with the internet so we can all keep in touch and magkakita-kita ra ta puhon :)