Monday 12 September 2011

Jologs Moment: Kapamilya Live 2011 in Kuwait

I allow my ka-jologan to escape when I'm abroad.

Well why not? If I am willing to spend here times 3 more than it costs in the Philippines for a movie ticket, notwithstanding scenes containing kissing or foul language are chopped off (that's roughly15-20% of the most movies), why should I hesitate to support our Filipino artists for more or less the same cost? Furthermore I appreciate the gesture of our sikat (famous) stars travelling miles away from 3 stars and a sun, braving to show up in some obscure venue to personally entertain hard working, homesick OFWs like me. 

Kapamilya 2011 Live in Kuwait

On September 8, 2011 I happily escorted my MIL (mother-in-law), an avid TFC fan, to watch the Kapamilyas Live 2011 held at Qadsia Sporting Club in Hawally. Guest stars were Jovit Baldivino (the Pilipinas Got Talent first grand winner), sexy comedienne Giselle Sanchez and heartthrob crooner Piolo Pascual. It was organized by TBIK (The Bicolanos in Kuwait) in cooperation of TFC Middle-East. Tickets were sold for KD 5 (approx. 775 Php) and KD 10 (approx. 1,500 Php).

When we arrived at the venue (2 hours before the show was billed to start) we were greeted by the sight of throngs of mostly female kababayans who couldn't contain the excitement in their faces. Before we got through the security entrance we received a handful of free back-issues of StarStudio magazines. The chismosa spirit in me couldn't resist leafing through the magazines right away.

Kudos to TBIK because it was well-organized. We were guided through the stadium to choose our seats by courteous organizers, who reminded as again and again not to loose our tickets as we might win prizes (I did not win of course. I rarely win at raffle draws). The venue was decent (clean), stage was properly set up and there were more than enough seats for all. 

It would have been perfect if the main show started on time and the air-conditioning was properly working...

There were so many front acts by local (Kuwait-based) Filipino artists. As I already said I like to support Filipino artists but to listen each one of them perform at least two songs, dragging for more than an hour, it was almost unbearable under the baking Kuwait weather. It's sad because I ended up not appreciating some of their performances. (But I do remember enjoying one cute kid's version of Price Tag.)

Fortunately the main show was worth the wait. Giselle was really wittingly funny (it was my first time to watch her live). Jovit was amazing; His renditions of Queen's Too Much Love Will Kill You and Journey's Faithfully were incredible - what a powerful voice for someone small! Piolo was still the handsome Papa Piolo. Most (that excludes MIL and I) already started shouting when they got wind that he arrived (in the venue). The moment he walked on stage, they were hysterical. MIL and I incredulously watched a middle-aged woman straddling the ledge of the balcony, shouting at the top of her lungs hoping to get Piolo's attention.

Piolo's fans were not disappointed as he was in the mood to regale us with his famous songs (i.e. Kailangan Kita). He admitted that it was his first time in Kuwait. He gushed, 'Ang dami 'nyo pala dito!' (There are so many Filipinos in Kuwait!). Duh, yeah...

I hope this is just a start of the series of shows in Kuwait by ABS-CBN artists (I demand JLC!) so that with the media attention people back home will finally shed their very outdated notion of Kuwait, that's circa 1990 when Saddam invaded Kuwait. Kuwait is a lovely nation where Filipinos get to live comfortably and peacefully.

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