Saturday 14 January 2012

My 2012 Roadmap

The Mayans and Nostradamus predicted the world would end this year. I hope they’re so wrong. Well who’s ready for the end. Honestly, I am not. I don’t want all this to end and not be able to hug my loved ones ever again. Nah I don't wanna think about that!

Of course nothing is certain. No matter how I wish that all this can go forever, our time here is just borrowed. But we shouldn’t worry much about the future. Let’s do our best to prepare for it, yes, but what we have is the present. The only time we have the power is now. Let’s just enjoy it while we can, live and be present at every moment. Okay enough spewing Eckhart Tolle’s teachings at the risk of being accused of plagiarism... LOL

It’s been ages since I last blogged. The culprit? My iPad. Since I received this gift from a dear (obviously generous) friend I found no reason to use my old toy... my trusty pink laptop. My iPad fuelled my passion in reading magazines and novels, playing angry birds and sims, lurking in twitter and facebook ... the list goes on and on with the many amazing things I can do with my favourite can’t-leave-the-house-without-it gadget.

I feel bad for ignoring my very faithful, very reliable 4 year old but still working perfectly pink laptop. It’s been months since I last tapped on its keys and honed my creative writing skills (I hope there’s some left). As I hear the familiar clicks of the keys – I feel like I am embracing an old friend. I vow to never replace this until it breaks down on me.

2011 is now a history. It was a year of wonderful blessings; it was also a year of challenges. It was the year when our dream of euro-tour was fulfilled. It was the year when we decided that we’re finally ready to be (but God must have a reason why it’s not happening yet). It was also the year when my husband’s mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, which was a big challenge to the whole family but it also highlighted how blessed we are with friends and relatives who continue to support us – absolutely heart warming.

2011 was full of ups and downs, like riding a roller coaster. I am personally relieved it that that year has passed. So far the beginning of 2012 has been promising. This year has begun with good news; pertaining to mother in law’s recovery and my hubby’s career. I have a strong feeling, feel it deep into my bone marrow that this year is going to be more fabulous than the last.

But to make sure to push that gut feel into reality I have thought of a roadmap. Here is my 2012 dream board. My goals for this year are

Having a baby
This is an enjoyable pursuit so no worries about not working on this goal. But I won’t be pressuring myself anymore. I surrender to Him that in His time He will blessed us with a child. I will keep on knocking on His heart to finally give in and grant us blue-eyed twins (a boy and a girl). Oh I should perhaps drop the “blue-eyed” part because that maybe the reason why it’s not happening...
Cute twin babies :)

Visit the US
The American dream has never been my dream. Of course I want to tour US someday, but never migrate to. I hope this year is that “someday” because I really want to visit my bestfriend whom I haven’t seen for two years now! Or maybe I should just see her next year so I can personally tell her “I told you so, the world didn’t end...”
New Yooorrrkkk!

More wise investments
According to HSBC our beloved country will be the world’s 16th largest economy by 2050. Even if when that happens I will be in my seventies but for the sake of the next generation let’s invest more in the Philippines. Why else? It is more fun in the Philippines! My husband and I want to go home and retire there and it is our plan to do so if not in style but in comfort. We vow to be financially independent when the time comes and be able to afford the lifestyle we desire. So we better prepare for it, plant the seeds that will enable us to achieve this goal.

Haha! Social Climbing :p

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