Wednesday 30 March 2011

Root Canal Again

I decided to book an appointment at one of the Maidan Group clinics here in Kuwait. I was thinking of getting a filling procedure done for one tooth. Well I wasn’t experiencing any pain whatsoever. I was just excited to avail my dental insurance, curious how significant the discount would be (LOL).

Okay this may not be a big deal to those used to first-world dental care but you see I was used to dental clinics that only consisted of a dental chair and a cabinet-full of medicines. So the first time I walked into Maidan Clinic, which a Kuwaiti friend of mine described as just a so-so dental clinic, I was surprised. Because it was a huge - like a mini-hospital! A receptionist who looked like a model greeted us, flashing us with her perfectly white teeth that I had to whisper to my hubby, Oh oh... this would be expensive.

A kabayan (Filipina) dentist-assistant welcomed us and lead me to the X-ray room. I panicked, noting the expensive (high-tech bah) surroundings I almost blurted out, Wag na lang po, sa Pinas na lang po ako. Pasta lang naman kelangan ko. (Uhmm I’ve changed my mind. I will just have this done in the Philippines. All I need is a dental filling anyway.). Kabayan must have detected my discomfort because she out of the blue reassured me and smiled, Libre lang po to. Whew!

Al Maidan Group

I was then introduced to my dentist, a Lebanese. It was a relief because he seemed like (and really is) a nice guy. (Well like most people, I am kinda afraid of dentists.) He grabbed the X-ray result and gasped. It turned out that there’s something seriously wrong with my tooth, the one that had undergone root canal a few years ago. He tsked and showed me how botched it was as there was a festering infection inside. He then asked me where I had it done, to which I sheepishly answered in the Philippines 'doc....

But I was still lucky as the dentist told me it could still be salvaged by redoing the root canal. I immediately agreed. Well health is wealth of course.

Since then I visited the clinic for a series of sessions. The fee? It’s not bad at all. For more than one hour session that I had to endure this afternoon (My dentist assured me we are almost through with the root canal. It is the second to the last procedure, thank God!), and as it is mostly covered by my insurance, I only had to pay 5 KD (or Php750). Not bad at all :)

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