Tuesday 29 March 2011

The Return of the Comeback

I thought I got rid of it.

It disappeared when I was in the land of “cheers!” & lorries. It did not even manage to gather strength for a comeback when I returned to the land of sultry weather peppered with smog coming from the longest parking lot in the world (EDSA). When I was young it used to haunt me every day. It woke me up every single night. Then when I turned 25 the attacks got less and less frequent until it disappeared altogether. It was dormant for years, plus also I believe the regular romp between the sheets helped in keeping it at bay, I really thought it was gone for good.

But nooooo. It found a powerful ally here in the land of magic carpets. Not the scorching weather as summer is yet to come (and I was able to survive last year’s summer without a glitch), but it was the violent sandstorm that threatened Kuwait a few days ago.

As I try to make sense what’s the point of this blog entry, I am clutching the only ally that works against the fiend.

Ventolin Inhaler

Just a single puff and ahhh everything is alright again.

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