Friday 17 April 2009

A Wedding Dress at Harrods

I was awestruck when I saw this wedding dress (below) displayed at Harrods. It is beautiful, really beautiful. And I was not the only one who was enamoured of it because almost every girl who passed by did a double take and then gushed that it’s gorgeous.

This was the wedding dress of my dreams – lace and mermaid silhouette. Sigh. Emphasis on the word “was” because uhh hellooo reality check – Georgia you are not slim, not at all tall and you don’t have a shockingly flat tummy as if it is being molded with an invisible corset. Dream on. Ha! My bestfriend pointed out when I had told her I dream of wearing a mermaid cut wedding dress that I will definitely look like a budbud (suman in Tagalog). Huhu. Some bestfriend eh?

The dress is by Pronovias. I visited their site and wow, I absolutely adore their dresses! But I had to stop browsing for after few minutes I started sighing and wishing for the impossible again. Oh you know, if only I am tall and skinny and all that nonsense. I don’t want to be an insecure bride. No no!

Well the plan is just to choose a dress that perfectly fits me. I promise never to drive my body into exhaustion or starve myself in an attempt to fit myself into a dream dress. A dream dress on a model might turn out to be a nightmare on me. A nightmare that will be forever immortalize in pictures and videos. Well that is scary.

Pronovias also sell wedding couture by Manuel Mota, Valentino and Ellie Saab. Yeah... expensive.

Mohammed Al Fayed (owner of Harrods and the father of the late Dodi Al Fayed, the late Princess Diana's boyfriend who died with her) gave a £3500 Manuel Mota wedding dress (equivalent to 245k in Philippine pesos) to the late Jade Goody, a British personality who emerged from the Big Brother fame who died from cervical cancer last month. Jade married Jack Tweed while terminally ill, exactly a month before she passed away. Hmmm, I wonder what will make Mr. Al Fayed to give me a designer wedding dress for free?


Jans said...

hi sis! blog hopping lang! love your blog site!:) and I love the dress!:)

ako masasabi ko lang, have the dress you dream of!:) it's YOUR wedding naman dba?..;)


Jans said...

ano ba sis!?! sorry ha, hihihi!!!

i just saw a picture of you from your WEDsite, hello?!?! akala ko naman chubbilita ka from your blog..;) hehe!! carry na carry mo kaya yang ganyan na gown! ahaha!! you just have to find the perfect style and fit! bagay na bagay yan, trust me..;) hehe!! mas mataba pa nga ako sa'yo e.. waaah!! ehehe!!


lgeorgia said...

hahaha thanks for the advice and Jan for dropping by

oo nga e. siguro paranoid lang talaga ako. sa excitement siguro to hehe

i just leafed through your site - wow dami mo na naaccomplish! i like your prenup pics by the way :)

Jans said...

Hihi! ok lang.. "booking" our suppliers, medyo ok ok na yung pace i guess... it's the "deciding" part i'm having trouble with.. and usually where the problem starts..:( haaaayz..:) but thanks for checking my site as well!:)

looking forward to seeing the pics of YOUR gown..;)

lgeorgia said...

Sure Jans! I'm looking forward to the pics of your gown too :)