Friday 8 February 2008


All by myself... don't wanna be.
All by myself, anymore!!!

This is my theme song since I've been here in London. I just stopped singing of it in my head during the holidays, when my poging boyfriend was here to entertain me. But after he went home, I immediately resumed to singing it again. And I'm sick and tired of hearing my wala-sa-tono na voice, yeah even if it's only in my head!

And now I'm getting worried. Because my colleagues who are suppposed to be here are still not here. Work permits? Yes they already have that since December. Visas? Oh yes already have too. What's wrong? Well, it's just the most important thing that's missing - the project! They don't have any clue where they're going to be assigned. It's not like there are no projects because I get alerts from our internal Job search engine that this or that project is looking for developers or testers. There are many positions to fill, actually. But what is happening is that the communication from London regarding their assignments have gone dead. No one seems to know over here what to do with them or worse, no one knows they exists.

Our company is going through a rough time. It's stock price is going downhill. It's just got a new CEO. And it's scheduled to be branded to a new name by end of this month. Although the new name will just be minus the last 3 letters of our current name, they're overhauling every nook and cranny of this company. From logo and domain names to who leads this or that department - it's like a one hell of a Rigodon de Honor (sorry if this is not the correct spelling). I hope this massive commotion doesn't result in having department scrapped out... 'wag naman sana.

I like working here. It's one of the best things that happened to me. I'm learning a lot working with foreigners, most especially with my French team leader who is so meticulous in reviewing codes. I am improving myself technically. Though if it's quite lonely being the only Filipino assigned here in our office, I welcome the challenge. Especially the challenge to tell jokes in English or to react in English - I'm now used to saying "Oh dear!" or "That's great! Fantastic!" or "Bloody hell" :p This is truly an experience of a lifetime. I'm really lucky I was able to fly before the Rigodon de Honor started. So lucky my work permit got approved relatively earlier than my colleagues back in Manila.

It's sad. I just can't imagine how frustrated they are now. I waited for 5 months to get here and I recall I was getting more and more frustrated as day of waiting passed by. Probably if I'm still with them now, still waiting, I am probably on the verge of committing suicide. It's unfair. I can't really blame the PH office because they're just following the orders from London. So yeah, I'm blaming the London office because they've stopped giving orders! When I go home tonight, I'll assemble a bomb to blow it up... (hehehe just kidding, don't deport me please.. I'm not a terrorist :D)

I hope, and I pray, this will be settled soon. It'll be a joy to have my colleagues here. They deserve to be here.

I hope our company can iron things out before my assignment ends in April. Because I don't want to be subjected again to the torture of waiting for my next assignment - once is more than enough, thank you. Perhaps I should think of a fallback? Mag-t-TNT ako!!! Wehehehe :p


deveykus said...


May opening kami dito, if you want to try working in Singapore :) and a financial company, you know what I'm talking about.

lgeorgia said...

oi neth! sige sige send me the details... hihihihi