Saturday 9 February 2008

Tube rides

The tube ride from Waterloo on my way to another museum was crowded. Oh yeah, I love museums now, they somehow prod my dormant brain neurons to perk up a bit. Lots of people were out today, the weather's great. I glanced in a newspaper headline that winter is gone, which is abnormal because it's way too soon. It's the effect of global warming, I guess. Huhuhu what have we done to our Mother Earth?!?

Okay back to the tube ride. Like I said it was crowded. I was standing in the middle holding on a rail when I noticed that I was squeezed in the middle of 3 couples. Aside from feeling small and so Asian because they were so tall, I felt more lonely than ever. And what's even more deppressing was that all the three guys were uber handsome --- arrrgghhh! I even had difficulty deciding which among them was more eye-candyish among them. Cruel, cruel world! There I was all alone, in the midst of three eye-candies cuddling and so touchy-touchy with their gfs, while all I had was the rail to hold on to.

There are a lot of fine male specimens here in England. Those kind that you see in fashion magazines, promise you can see them here everywhere, anytime! Mostly nga lang mga bata that I can't help commenting whenever I see one, Sayang, una akong pinanganak sa 'yo...

You can feast the gorgeous English guys all you want with your eyes but I'm afraid they're not lifetime partner material. Oh most English guys are nice, kind and always behave gentlemanly. But they're also flirty... too flirty. I have this colleague that I sit next to in the office whom I had thought was a great guy. He always talked praises about his wife - he always goes "Lara this, Lara that". I had thought awww he's so sweet, that I didn't give malice when he started sending me IMs that he liked my wiggle (the way I walk daw) and my legs (which I don't believe). But that night we went to a pub, I was already at home when I received a text from him saying that he liked me a lot and that he's afraid that it wouldn't go away. I was aghast, I had thought he was a perfect husband! Oh it must be the effect of the beer but still I wouldn't want a partner who goes hitting on other women everytime he gets a drink... no way! Or that creep maybe just wanted to test if papatulan ko sya. Heller, okay lang sya?!? No wonder the divorce rate here is so high.

Therefore, I conclude sa Pinoy pa rin ako. Because of the influence of religion, the fear of eternal damnation if one commits mortal sin, most Pinoys are faithful to their wives... I guess. So yeah Pinoy pa rin ako.

The tube ride back to Waterloo was not an improvement, more deppressing actually because I was sandwiched by not one but two gay couples na nagdoodoodingan (flirting with each other). Oh well, what can I say? Happy Valentines to me...

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