Saturday 2 February 2008

My most expensive lunch so far...

Today is momentous (dapat itaga sa bato) because I had the most expensive lunch in my entire life. How much was it? Well it was almost 30pounds! So that's times 81... oh no I vowed never ever to convert b-b-but I can't help myself because I paid for it with my own sweat and blood (my knight in rusty armor Harley, wasn't there to save me). And that amount could buy me a trendy shoes in Clarks!

You're probably wondering what kind of lunch would carry such exorbitant tag. Oh it's just a normal meal - rib-eye steak, mash potato and a glass of lemonade. But what gave it the extra pizzaz was the "where" we had lunch. You're asking where? Oh stuff, we simply had it at Harrod's...

Oh yesss, the one and the same Harrod's - the opulent department store owned by Egyptian tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed, father of the late Princess DianĂ¡'s boyfriend who died with her in that accident, Dodi.

Oh no, we didn't dine at their exclusive restaurant - or the kind that makes you scratch your head in confusion how and when to use the forks and knives they provide. We just dined in one of their food bars, located in corners of the store. We had decided to grab a bite there since it looked affordable enough. But silly us, we should had thought that Harrod's glamour is due to the fact that nothing in it is affordable. We were already sitting down, the waitress taking our orders, when we realized our mistake as we scanned the menu. It was too late to run to the nearest exit, hehehe.

Well I felt a little excited to eat beside rich people who not only dined with champagne but they obviously didn't care about the price! We seemed to blend with them hihihi :p There was even a guy beside us who kept on chatting to us as if we were his casino buddies. As we waited for our food we noticed that the chef looked Filipino. When he saw us looking at him, he nodded that telltale Pinoy-style of greeting and smiled. Napa-wow ako, Pinoy na chef in London... sa Harrod's pa! Wow, diba? Jhune Bernabe was his name and he seemed like a very nice guy, still a grounded person inspite of his success because he accomodated us. He was very friendly.

The Pinoy chef at Harrod's (the pretty waitress grabbed him from his post to pose for a picture)

Teka lugi yata ako nun ah. I paid a hefty sum for a meal pero Pinoy rin naman nagluto... hahahaha just kidding. I'm always proud to see Pinoys doing well in their professions, kicking the asses of foreigners in their territories. It's money well spent... errr ahhh bola na yan, too much of a statement na :p

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