Monday 15 October 2007

This is the moment!

I didn't have a good night sleep. I went to the CR twice before dawn, which was unusual because I usually sleep like a log. I woke up earlier than usual and even arrived here at the office an hour earlier than my usual time-in. I spent my morning in tense anticipation, finding it difficult to concentrate on the ebook I was reading. So I just whiled away the unbearable time playing minesweeper and to my horror, I won only once!

What's with today? Well today is simply the 30th working day of my UK visa application processing (visa processing with WP is 20 to 30 working days). Since last night I had a gut feeling that today, not tomorrow, I'd receive the result. And my oh my instinct didn't fail me because just this afternoon, around 2pm, our messenger handed me a courier package from the UK Visa application center. I was dizzy with relief simply knowing that the long wait has come to an end.

I started to open the envelope with unsteady hands. Aware that two of my colleagues were behind me, prodding me to open the package faster, didn't help to soothe my nerves. Pressure pressure talaga, as in... I wanted to grab a stick to shoo them away. Somehow I managed to open the envelope, then I started to look for the "I'm sorry you're denied" letter - I had psyched myself for the worst you see, so that if the worst would happen it wouldn't hurt that much - Duh! As if that really works. When I didn't find such letter, I opened my passport and I almost cried with relief (no kidding, ganito ako ka OA) when I saw my pangarap na bituin... a multiple entry UK visa valid for 2 years! I can't believe I'm saying this because just last week I was groaning about the impossibly long processing period, but the months of agonizing wait actually make this a lot sweeter :)

I don't know when I'll leave for UK, I still have to talk to our Indian HR about that. But now, I am so happy. If you can see me, I have this silly grin reaching from ear to ear (oo parang buang). Just let me savor this victory. Bloody hell, today is my lucky day! Oh well just imagine me singing...

This is the moment, my final test.
Destiny beckoned,
I never reckoned second Best!
I won't look down,
I must not fall!
This is the moment...
The sweetest moment of them all!


rah said...

congrats! nag-aantay na ang reyna doon para mameet ka ga. :)

reane said...

wow wow! congrats!!!

lgeorgia said...

tenks tenks sa lahat ng nagcongrats hihihihi

aneshka said...

Bloody Hell! You are finally going to landan! Rich na ka! I expect a generous gift for my baby LOL!!! (demanding) ... Please kiss Prince William for me ..eer Prince Harry na lang diay mas cutie!

Unknown said...

wow congrats.. pwd makitulog sa inyong UK lol..

congrats!!.. around the world na atong NEC batch :D

lgeorgia said...

yeah sure! you're all welcome to visit me in UK... naks! :D