Friday 19 October 2007

Glorietta Bombing

What a tragic day :( The Glorietta "bombing" that happened this afternoon was even worse than the Oakwood mutiny because many got injured (around 89) and many died (8 is the latest count). I went to Glorietta3 during lunchtime to claim my eyeglasses. Then, I went to Yoshinoya for lunch and while eating my gyudon I noticed my phone ringing, it was my HR calling me. Since I couldn't take the call because my phone's sira, I can't hear the person calling me from the other end, I decided to finish my lunch as fast as possible so I can go back to the office right away. I was able to leave the area around 12:30. The bombing or LPG blast (it's not confirmed yet what really caused it) took place around 1:30. Imagine, I was just an hour away from the blast! Shocks... If my HR didn't call me, I had been thinking of going back to Glorietta because I had glimpsed that irresistible SALE sign at the Levi's store on my way to the optical shop. And knowing me, if I went back to Glorietta I might have also done a little window shopping at my favorite shops, say Plains and Prints for example, which has sustained horrible damage from that accident. Shocks... Thank God I got that call and sira yung phone ko!

I'm sad for those who died and for those who are suffering now because of the injuries. Usually on Fridays Makati yuppies take their lunch out - usually in malls where there are wide array of restaurants. Most of the wounded are probably those who just extended their lunch at the wrong place (Luk Yuen). It's sad how one's life can easily be snuffed out just like one snap of your fingers. Di lang alam nung namatay, kumakain sila nun abot tenga yung ngiti sa busog but after a few seconds dead na pala sila - they're weren't even given a second chance. Like they say, if it's your time, wherever you are you can't avoid death. I hope those who survived and got injured the wounds they got are not so grave to be forever handicapped by this tragedy. The authorities can't still pin down whether it's just a freak accident or it was a deliberate terrorist attack. Whatever it was, I hope this won't happen again.

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Unknown said...

good to know that you were out of danger, the last time i heard ( friday) it was an LPG problem and i thought it was not that big..

I think rajah was also inside the building ( in the toilet ) to be exact when this happened... terrible :(