Saturday 20 October 2007

Glorietta Bombing (2)

I got a text last night from Mau informing me that an ex-RCG employee died - his name was Niño Vidano or better known as Onin. I immediately texted Bing because I remembered her mentioning a guy named Onin who had been his teammate in Misys. And yes, he was Bing's teammate - in fact she told me, she and Tisha (who had also been his teammate in Misys) immediately went to Makati Med when they got the news. Bing told me she cried when they confirmed it really was Onin. She added that it's so hard to believe he's gone because she had just seen him a week ago in his office - he had talked about his plans for his son and had proudly informed her that he had applied for Australia immigration. He was just turning 28 end of this month.

When I knew that someone close to me has a close friend who died made the bombing all the more real and terrible to me. Onin was just like me - a Makati IT professional, so young with so many dreams for his life and his family. It's just so unfair - whoever did that atrocity should be apprehended - justice must be served. Not only Onin died, also one of his colleague didn't make it. They just finished their lunch at Glorietta and perhaps on their way out to the Glorietta 2 exit when the blast happened. I wonder what their last thoughts were.

It could have been me. It could have been one of my close friends or colleagues. Thank God it didn't happen to me or to one of my friends. But still I can't help but grieve for those who died. Please, let's pray for the eternal repose of their souls.

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