Monday 3 September 2007

Everybody is going somewhere

Rose flew for Malaysia on August 26. I remembered her the following day, as we had no work because it's National Heroes day. I almost lighted a candle on her behalf because she has become a hero... isa na syang OFW!

On August 30, Ria received her Japan visa and Dan demanded that she book a flight ASAP - it's really obvious Dan missed his personal geisha and he's dying to have a second honeymoon in the land of rising sun. So Ria spent 2 days in panic packing. Buti na lang naabutan pa nya yung midnight sale sa Glorietta and nakabili sya ng sulit na denim trench coat.

By the end of this week, it's William's turn. He's going to fly to Singapore. At least marami syang makakasama na ex-NEC employees dun. Di masyadong lonely. They can form some sort of club or organization there, ala-Kapisanan ng mga Dating Manggagawa ng NEC, Singapore Chapter.

Then it's going to be my turn (weee!). I'm itching to visit the Queen. And next in line is Stella. She's slated to visit Mito, Nats and Marianne. I hope it's going to be in that order kasi naunahan na ako ni Rose and Ria and mauunahan na rin ako ni William, tsk! Grabe naman pag-mauuna pa sa kin si Steng - di na jud ko palabot! Hehehe :p

It's really amazing how this profession catapults us to anywhere in the world. All we have to do is decide which country to go :p The world is getting smaller and smaller. Isn't it exciting? :)


Unknown said...

UK !!!! wow congrats !!!

grabe.. yesterday NEC , tomorrow the WORLD !!!

kindly give my regards to Prince William lol...

reane said...

"I'm itching to visit the Queen" --> grabe te george, di pa rin nagbabago mga hirit mo! natawa ako dito sobra. haha.

Congrats sa UK visa mo! kita-kits na lang sa Paris at kung san mang parte ng Europe pag dami na ako pera. hehe.

mis na kita! mwah!

lgeorgia said...

tenk you tenk you :) although wala pa kasi wala pa ang visa and plane tickets.. hehehe

sana i'll still be there in time for harry potter 7 film release hihihihi

aneshka said...

2009 (?) ang release di ba? You have to be there so we will have a place to stay when we visit (naks english!).

Kung uuwi man ako wala na akong kalaag (tag-ceb hehehe).