Thursday 20 September 2007

New Beginnings

A lovely beginning just happened to Maila. I am very happy to announce that she has given her matamis na OO to her Japanese collegue/manliligaw. When Goto-san popped the question, she noticed he was shaking with fear. Siguro takot masapak ni Maila, hahaha! If that's the case, I applaud him for having the guts to say his loving feeling. From the picture Maila sent me, he seems like a nice guy (which Maila also confirmed that he sure is very nice) and he's gwapo for a Japanese. A good catch, really - way to go Mai! Truly love will find you when you least expect it :) After a few years of hiatus from the romantic world, I bet my friend is excited to experience her firsts with this guy. Oh you know, first holding hands while walking in the busy Tokyo subway, first kiss under a Sakura tree and I bet she's more excited to those not-suitable-for-children kind of firsts :p I wonder how it is different doing all those with a Japanese, hmm? Baka may ibang techniques ang mga hapon, hehehehe. Mai, chika2x ka na lang sa amin ha...

Also a much awaited opportunity landed on Harley's lap - finally he received the job offer from a UK based company he had long hoped of being accepted. To celebrate his good fortune, I wheedled out from him an Italiannis dinner treat and he told me to bring along Steng, Jaspher and Mau to share his blessing. Since it was libre, I got to order one of their very expensive cakes. (see right pic) This slice cost 395 - you can buy one whole Red Ribbon cake with that! But it didn't disappoint me because it tasted so divine, very oishii! Grazie and congrats my poging bf - I'm so proud of you :) Now it's your turn to wait for your work permit and visa. It''ll be pure torture I tell you.

A friend of mine is also experiencing a new beginning. Though she might not find appreciation for what is happening to her right now, I believe in the future she'll be glad of this. Because this is an opportunity for her to spread her wings and to focus on finding herself - a thing she has neglected to do for years. She'll survive this, because she's one of those who possess such amazing strength. This too shall pass. And after this storm, I believe she'll emerge as a better person.


rah said...

katakam-takam naman ng cake na iyan. napapakagat ako. :|

Unknown said...

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