Tuesday 11 September 2007

Mau's Birthday Challenge

I support, all out, John Emannuelle Maunes' 40 days birthday challenge. What's this challenge? Not the same challenge in the 40 Days, 40 Nights movie because Mau with all his male and misguided hormones can never fulfill the celibacy challenge of Josh Hartnett's character in that movie. And also he'll never be willing to succumb himself to that. Well Mau's self-imposed challenge is to quit smoking for 40 days, before his 25th birthday. On the 41st day, he'll still decide if he's going to quit forever.

We have been bugging Mau since he started chain-smoking to quit. I believe that although he's gwapo as he is right now, he would have been way more handsome if he didn't start smoking in the first place. His skin would have been clearer (walang effect talaga Glutathione mo :p), his hairline would not have receeded that much, his perfectly shaped teeth would have maintained their pearly whiteness and he could have been Philippine's next top model if he didn't even start smoking!

Actually I am just writing this entry because Mau complained during lunch that I never mentioned him in my blog lately. But I really do support him in his crusade because as his friend, I do want what's best for him (naks!). He has already cleared 1 day and for someone as chain-smoker as Mau, I tell you that's no easy feat. So bravo, Mau! Only 39 days to go. I hope you quit smoking forever... Go go Mau :)

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-Ner0's wrAth- said...

15 hours nako wa ka yosi hehehe ..thanks for the post i really need the pressure para maachieve ni nako ...