Monday 18 June 2007

Ohhh Halo-halo

Right now I'm craving for Razon's (the original of Guagua Pampanga) Halo-halo.

I had heard about Razon's Halo-halo from some friends before, I just didn't mind since I wasn't a halo-halo lover. But when my seemingly-kuripot seatmate raved about it, that's when I got really curious. I persuaded Steng and William to try it out last Sunday. We went to its branch at Greenbelt 1. It's beside Delifrance/Hen Lin.

At first glance, it's halo-halo doesn't seem as appetizing as Chowking's or MacJoy. I was a bit disappointed really when the waiter handed me my halo-halo. I said to myself, Huh eto na yun? Bakit di sya colorful? Halo-halo ba talaga to?

When I tasted a small chunk of the leche flan on top, I liked it. Maybe there's hope for this halo-halo after all, I thought. So I dug my spoon and make halo the halo-halo. After I ate the first spoonful, I nodded to Stella and William to convey my satisfaction. Razon's halo-halo lived up to my expectations after all. For someone who wasn't a halo-halo lover, I gobbled the whole cup to the last drop.

Like I said there's nothing spectacular about it. The ingredients are just banana chunks, macapuno, beans and leche flan. Nothing green or red nata de coco or gelatin. Maybe it's the way those ingredients are prepared. Or maybe it's the creamy milk (they say it's pure cow's milk). But whatever it is, the whole concoction is totally yummy. Promise! Try it!


lizette said...

pwede pa deliver? not even a mountain-full of ice kachang cud compare to our halo-halo :(

hahayy... nice pic diay, makalaway man gihapon maski di sya colorful :)

lgeorgia said...

lami jud sya 'zet, pramis! sus kung pwede lang ideliver diha ay. sige lang anhi manila, will treat you hehehe

dili ako nagtake sa pic, gi copy and paste lang nako somewhere - dili man siguro ko makiha ani? hehe