Thursday 7 June 2007

Claire's Preggy

A week or more ago Claire said, "buntis ko, nagpositive ako PT. pero ayaw sa saba unya na kung sure ko. " or "I'm pregnant. My PT result is positive, but don't tell anyone yet unless it's sure."

I wanted to shout the good news to Ria, Mau.. to anyone! But since I made a promise, I struggled to keep my mouth shut. Finally, I was given the go-signal to broadcast it yesterday. And also Claire has already released her official press statement (parang artista... hehe) in her blog, click here.

The couple had been on the actively-making-a-baby status since last year. So I am really elated of this development, to find out na hindi pala tamad sperms ni Darrix, hehehe. Congrats!

I want to see with my own two eyes how Claire will manage her baby. Claire is hopelessly absent-minded so I won't be shocked if she'll accidentally leave the baby inside the washing machine. Claire don't go epidural, okay? (Epidural is an anaesthetic injection into the epidural space of the spinal cord during childbirth and it's side effect is temporary memory loss). Because since you normally suffer temporary memory loss from time to time, how much more if you actually undergo epidural? Haha, scary! =p

Now I have to figure out how to get to US to attend the baby's christening sometime on March 2008? Sana kamukha ni Claire. Oo sana talaga kamukha ni Claire...


aneshka said...

atot gi announce dyud! hahaha. Actually Feb lang mi nag try sugod so maau diay mi mohimo kay 3 months naka shoot na.

lgeorgia said...

heller, alangan naman dili mo kahibalo mo shoot?