Friday 15 June 2007

Lalala lalalala...

I'm literally paid to do nothing. And this is slated to last for another two months as we wait for the working permit approval. I was initially overjoyed when I knew about this arrangement because this means I can just surf to my heart's content and be paid to do that to boot! But that euphoria lasted for just two weeks because I'm running out of topics to google. Help! I am bored. Grrr...

I have turned to the blogosphere to search for something to read. But darn, I can't find anything interesting because most of my friend-bloggers are happy now. They have graduated from that state of nursing their broken hearts. They finally found their happily-ever-afters. One of my favorite blog has been renamed from Road Less Travelled to Happily Ever After. (Cheesy.) Another favorite blogger seems to have mellowed down in her rantings as she embarks the road to motherhood. She now resolves to a money-making scheme by writing ads in her blog. (Yawn.)

No more juicy blog entries. No more enlightening insights about chasing dreams, going where the wind blows to find oneself. No more funny stories as about their escapades in the pursuit of happiness. Now, what I read from their blogs are happy thoughts. I can even picture them with baskets of flowers hop-skipping on a field and singing lalala lalalala. Really guys, you're boring now :p

Actually just ignore this senseless rant because the truth is, I'm happy for you guys. To those who have found their happily-ever-afters, to those who have successfully gotten pregnant... cheers! Life is simply gorgeous, right?

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