Tuesday 29 May 2007

Ria's Bridal Shower

Last Saturday, May 26, I had an indulgence of Haagen Daz and men...

After lunch Rose, Stella, Jaspher and I went to Häagen-Dazs Café at Glorietta 3. It's Jaspher's long overdue treat. It's my first time.. hahaha poor lang kasi ako e. After 2 gluttonous servings of fondeau and pizza ice cream we were all suffering slight headache due to the chocolate/ice cream overload. (Also the attempt to lose that unwanted pounds around my tummy flew out of the window, grrr!) Now when I pass by the Haagen Daz cafe, I squirm and shake my head. No thanks, been there, done that! (O diba ang taray? I'm saying no now to Haagen daz...) But maybe in a month or two, I'll be smiling again, ear-to-ear, if someone hands me a free cup of Haagen Daz, hehehe =)

Around 8pm Rose, Stella, Ria, Jaja and I cabbed to Tomas Morato where Josh and Mau were already waiting in Inno bar, along Sgt. Esguerra. The food was great. It's a little bit pricey but that's understandable since the place was chic and cozy with its dim yellow lights. The only thing that ruined the coziness was the band - the singer was horrible. She was literally shouting that by the end of My Immortal we were relieved she's done and only a handful gave her polite claps. After eating, we jump started Ria's bridal shower.

Bridal shower's purpose is to shower the bride with gifts. (Obvious ba?) So we showered Ria with gifts...

Josh and Mau gave her a CD so she can acquire prowess on Erotic Massage that she can use for Dan.

Jaja and I gave her a flimsy, see-through black nightie. The camisole top had 2 holes on the chest (So each breast can go peekaboo and say, Hello world!) and each hole could just be closed by knotting the cute pink ribbons. It had a matching black thong, which was also see-through. (Kakabagan talaga si Ria when she wears this ensemble...)

Rose and Steng's gifts were a seamless lace panty and a box of nipplets. (Worse than our gift because Ria ONLY has the nipplets to cover her chest...)

After dinner, we told Ria that we're going to a Videoke bar. But actually we already had planned to take her to Adonis for the finale...

Josh dropped us (They had to look for a place to park) in front of Adonis, which almost ruined the surprise - tsk! Ria was already shouting, "Wow, mag-Adonis ta?" "Nope Ri, dyan tayo sa Church So Blessed" (Really there's a Church So Blessed, worship center I guess, beside Adonis. Ironic, diba?) We lied, telling her we had to walk towards GMA because the Videoke bar was there. When we neared GMA, Jaja immediately blindfolded Ria and we guided her towards Adonis where Josh and Mau were already inside, making arrangements for a VIP room.
I was immediately shocked when we entered the place. Three cute guys were already "dancing" on stage. Shocks ang gagwapo nila, muscled and mga tisoy! My eyeballs nearly popped out when the center guy took out his *blip*, brandishing it like a trophy for all to see. I heard Steng exclaimed, "Hala! ka daku!" or "Wow! It's so big!" (Yep it's a trophy...)

We were led to the VIP room, dragging a blindfolded Ria. She was made to sit on a chair in the middle. While waiting for the macho dancer we hired for her, we ogled by the one-way mirror at the men on stage. We removed Ria's blindfold because we wanted to share the blessings, hehehe. Muscled guys wearing nothing but unconventional, skimpy briefs, were twisting their bodies at odd directions, grinding to the music in slow motion. Some of them bending, sitting on air while posing and twisting (O diba? Kaya nyo yun?). Others even managed to bend and kick while turning around (Di ko gets anong nakakahorny dun?).

There was even a guy who wrapped his *blip* with a sarong, then he scooped an ice bucket using just his *blip*! "Hala! ka gahi!" or "Wow! It's so hard!", someone among us exclaimed. (Again. Di ko gets anong nakakahorny dun...)

Finally our macho dancer arrived. We immediately sat on the couch to watch him do his thing on Ria. Seeing he was wearing a sarong covering his lower body, I expected a strip tease show. Suddenly, he removed the sarong and some, if not all of us, screamed because his *blip* was in plain view - shocks he's butt-naked! He turned to our direction and asked, "Pwede rin ba kayong sayawan?". "No, yung bride lang please!", we protested. When he started going towards Stella, grinding while doing that (Again. Kaya nyo yun?), we panicked. Rose, Steng, Jaja and I were scrambling away from him - trying our best not to be cornered. Watching macho dancers dancing on stage from afar was fascinating. But having a macho dancer running after you, with the goal to corner and flaunt his member at your face was another matter... Scary! We were screaming, our adrenaline pumping as we rushed to the opposite direction of Chabby (That's the macho dancer's name, which is for sure, not his real name). I heard Josh and Mau laughing, saying that we were like in a horror booth. We found an effective way to hide. We made sure we just stayed behind Josh and Mau's, causing us to grab their shirts just to make sure they didn't leave our side. Di kasi lumalapit si Chabby sa kanila e. Takot yata sya sa bading e, hehehehe =p

Ria handled Chabby, unfazed and with grace. When Chabby danced in front of her, Ria just looked at his *blip* and said "Hello... Okay ka lang dyan?" Hahahahaha!

Too bad, it's not allowed to take pictures inside :(

After the ala horror-both experience, see how drained we were...
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